Alvaro Soler Drum Setup 

Would like to share my Alvaro Soler Drum Setup with you guys:

  • Drum Kit: Pearl Masters Maple Complete: 10", 13", 16", 24"
  • Snare Drums:
    • Main Snare: 14"x5" Pearl Hybrid Exotic Kapur/Fiberglass
    • Side Snare: 14"x6,5" Pearl Deluxe
  • Cymbals:
    • 15" Kerope Hats,
    • 18" K Cus. Spec. Dry Crash,
    • 19" K Cluster Crash,
    • 21" K Cus. Spec. Dry Ride,
    • 17" K Cus. Spec. Dry Trash Crash on top of a 16" K EFX Crash, 
    • 19" K Cus. Spec. Dry Crash
  • Drumheads:
    • Toms: Remo Vintage Emperor Coated
    • Bass Drum: Powerstroke 3 Coated
    • Main Snare: Controlled Sound Coated w/ Black Dot
    • Side Snare: Smooth Ambassador Coated
  • Pedals:
    • Demon Chain Drive Single Pedal,
    • Eliminator Hi-Hat Stand
  • E-Drums:
    • Alesis Strike Multipad,
    • Roland PD-8,
    • Roland RT-30H,
    • Roland KT-10




A lot has happened, or rather not happened :-D, in the last two years and slowly you get the feeling that everything is almost returning to normal this year. We'll see. My schedule is slowly filling up and you can see where I'm with whom in the "Live" section.

Furthermore, I am delighted to be drummer in the band of and around Alvaro Soler.

And Thomann's Drum Bash continues to run very well and always is a lot of fun. Every Wednesday there is a new video with me on the channel. From lessons, gear reviews to performances, everything included!




#drumsolofriday is back 

I recently started #drumsolofriday again on Instagram  with the mission to always take the first take :-D




Wincent Drumsticks 

I am very proud to announce that I have become a member of the Wincent Drumsticks family since summer 2021!




Briefly summarized 

Hello everybody.

Here's a little update since the last one was too long ago. The Thomann Drum Bash Channel is going well so far and it is a lot of fun to shoot the videos for you and with the great team around Thomann and the opposition studios with which I produce the videos. I hope you like it.

Unfortunately, the #drumsolofriday suffered a bit. However, I will and would like to continue with it because it has brought me a lot personally.

I also updated the live section again and would be happy to meet some of you at one of my shows,

LG Simon


News News News 

Hey everyone.

I hope you already have a wonderful summer. Since 2 months now i am the host of Thomann's new youtube drum channel called Thomann's Drum Bash. Over there we do a big variety of videos such as gear checks, vlogs, interviews, lessons and we release a video every week! Here's the link to the channel: 


Cheers Simon