Briefly summarized 

Hello everybody.

Here's a little update since the last one was too long ago. The Thomann Drum Bash Channel is going well so far and it is a lot of fun to shoot the videos for you and with the great team around Thomann and the opposition studios with which I produce the videos. I hope you like it.

Unfortunately, the #drumsolofriday suffered a bit. However, I will and would like to continue with it because it has brought me a lot personally.

I also updated the live section again and would be happy to meet some of you at one of my shows,

LG Simon


News News News 

Hey everyone.

I hope you already have a wonderful summer. Since 2 months now i am the host of Thomann's new youtube drum channel called Thomann's Drum Bash. Over there we do a big variety of videos such as gear checks, vlogs, interviews, lessons and we release a video every week! Here's the link to the channel: 


Cheers Simon


It has been a long time but a lot happened 

Hello everybody.

Sorry the long break of not reporting! There is quite a lot happening here in the house of Scheibels :-). I just finished (Wednesday 10.04.19) a small theater tour with the Fabulous Singlettes from Australia with a total of 15 shows that landed quite spontaneously in my calendar. Our first carnival season with Fabian Kronbach was a great success, just as crowdfunding for our album was very successful. Many thanks in advance to all who have supported us. At the end of April we go straight into the studio and the recordings for the album begin. Furthermore, I am also in the studio with Sophia Wahnschaffe at the beginning of the Easter holidays to record some drums for 2-3 songs and the first Album with Lindybunch is also about to be released. As always, you will find all my upcoming shows the "live" section.

Until then, all the best and see you again soon.


#drumsolofriday and #grooveoftheweek 

I wanted to point out my two little video series #drumsolofriday and #grooveoftheweek that you can find on my Youtube, Facebook and Instagram channel. I publish my #grooveoftheweek every Wednesday and #drumsolofriday every Friday. The idea behind it is to get my discomfort at a recording session largely under control. I think everyone knows the feeling that arises as soon as the red light shines in a recording session, no matter whether sound or video. The repertoire of ideas and licks suddenly becomes very small. I want to improve my playing in that way, so that this feeling no longer exists and it does not affect my creativity.

Greetings and see you soon.



Happy new year!!! 

Hello everybody!!!

I wish you all a happy new year. I hope you had a some quiet days. After a quiet ending of 2018 I am now full of energy for 2019. The year ended with several shows with Fabian Kronbach, with whom we also released 2 new songs at the beginning of November and since tuesday 08.01.19 there is also a video for Waggel met d'r fott in which I can be seen :-D ( Furthermore, I started on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook a small drum solo series with the name #drumsolofriday and we filmed a live video of Leuchten which is a great song by Sophia Wahnschaffe. You can watch the video here: 

I start with a couple of Sopha Wahnschaffe shows and we are kicking off our first karneval session with Fabian Kronbach!!!

... have fun in 2019 and see you again soon


Summer´s almost over 

Hello everybody.

The summer break is almost over and I have updated my concerts in the section Live. I could add quite a couple of new shows. Among others some shows with my wife Charly Klauser as support for Johannes Oerding. Furthermore, there are a few new studio productions with Fabian Kronbach and Sophia Wahnschaffe. I'm looking forward to the coming months and the studio days.

LG Simon